VRcade offers the experience to exceed the limits of your reality either for entertainment or professional use. Whether you had a rough day and want some privacy or you just want to have a blast with your friends, We provide an array of activities where everything seems possible as long as you are ready and willing to break free from the chains of your routine and engage in travelling into new worlds.

VRcade is not about age or who you actually are but rather who you want to become. Explore the unique VR gaming environment, express your artistic nature or train yourself in a vast variety of lifelike scenarios via the peak of technology called Virtual Reality.


Become A Legend


*Each session includes a free 5-10 minutes extra for a set up and breefing.



30 mins ~ $30

1 hour ~ $45

2 hours ~ $70

3 hours ~ $90



30 mins ~ $35

1 hour ~ $50

2 hours ~ $75

3 hours ~ $95


Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with movements that make you feel like you’re in the action. With 360-degree controllers, headset tracking, directional audio and HD haptic feedback, VR has never felt more real.

Teleport around boundless virtual worlds sitting at our room-scale play areas where you can physically walk around within a 3m x 3m space.

For Gamers

For Professionals


Feel the difference with VIVE Pro. The all new screen panels dazzle the eye and sweep you away into your wildest imagination. Uncompromising, super-rich colors and details bring objects to life like never before.

The difference is in our details. Ranked among the sharpest, most brilliant VR headsets on the market today, the VIVE Pro dazzles the eyes with breathtaking colors, text, and textures.


Station Hire

Book now one of our five fully equipped VR stations and enjoy the immersive experience through VIVE and VIVE pro

Corporate team building 

Promote team spirit, collaboration and competition at the best place possible. VRcade facilities were created..

Birthday Parties

Impress your friends, become the king of entertainment and get hundreds likes on Instagram/ Facebook! VRcade will help you..

Remote Hire (We’ll Come to you!)

If you are interested in a tailor made experience at the comfort of your own place, VRcade got you covered with Remote Hiring!